Growing Eucalyptus Trees in the Southeastern US

One of the worlds fastest growing species of trees is almost absent in the Southeastern United States (excluding Florida, where you will find many out of control stands in South Florida). With the ongoing drought in the Southeastern US, Eucalyptus trees may offer a fast growing option that requires little watering during the summer.

The following species should grow well

Eucalyptus neglecta – Omeo Gum (zones 7a – 10b,possibly 6b )

Eucalyptus dalrympleana – Mountain Gum (zones 7a – 10b)

Eucalyptus nicholii – Willow-leaved Peppermint (zones 7b – 10b)

Eucalyptus niphophila – Snow Gum (zones 7a – 10b)

Eucalyptus cinerea – Siver Dollar Eucalyptus (zones 7b – 10b)

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