Interactive Map of Current Drought Conditions in the United States

Plantmaps has added a new interactive drought conditions map for the United States that merges data from the National Drought Mitigation Center and the Palmer Drought Index. The interactive map allows viewing of current drought conditions as well as prior conditions from the past 10 weeks.

Drought Conditions Map
Interactive Drought Conditions Map

4 thoughts on “Interactive Map of Current Drought Conditions in the United States

  1. Louisiana map indicates that drought conditions are Severe to Extreme. Simply by stepping across the border into Mississippi, drought conditions become MODERATE? Obviously the information for one of those states is WRONG. I was not aware that weather/plant/soil conditions existed along geopolitical boundaries. If the maps cannot reflect the actual existing conditions, why have the maps at all??????????

  2. Jay Therman asks “…why have the maps at all???…”

    even if the data is not granular to your requirements, the overall trend is informative. Such is the case with gradient based information. The cost/ granularity data gathering curve is exponential. You could think of it like a mother’s hand on your forehead to determine if you have a fever. The actual temperature is less important than the relative difference from normal temperature. Based on that information, any number of valid actions could be prompted- a moist towel, a cool bath, or a call to the doctor (or nothing at all).

    As for environmental conditions along geopolitical boundaries, it may be just the reverse. Geopolitical boundaries are often made along environmental gradients- rivers for example.

    I was excited to see this map resource, since it’s a very attractive way to display otherwise unwieldy information. Many people are visual learners, and this map helps to convey why drought has been so costly (in my focus, due to the loss of trees).

    a Big THANK YOU to the site coordinators for aggregating all this data in such an attractive way.

  3. Beaumont Texas is listed as Moderate Drought, actually one of the few places in Texas that stays perpetually wet…

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