Alberta Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Zone 0a
-56.7°C to -53.9°C
Zone 0b
-53.9°C to -51.1°C
Zone 1a
-51.1°C to -48.3°C
Zone 1b
-48.3°C to -45.6°C
Zone 2a
-45.6°C to -42.8°C
Zone 2b
-42.8°C to -40°C
Zone 3a
-40°C to -37.2°C
Zone 3b
-37.2°C to -34.4°C
Zone 4a
-34.4°C to -31.7°C
Zone 4b
-31.7°C to -28.9°C

Based on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map Designations, this interactive version covers the Province of Alberta which ranges from USDA Zone 0a to USDA Zone 5a. What are Hardiness Zones, Gardening Zones, Growing Zones and Plant Zones? Hardiness Zones, Gardening Zones, Growing Zones and Plant Zones refer to defined geographic regions that can support specific plants, flowers and trees. T he zones define a minimum range of temperatures that a plant or tree can survive safely in that zone.

List of Plant Hardiness Zones for Cities and Towns in Alberta

LocationHardiness Zone
Adams LandingZone 2a: -45.6°C to -42.8°C
AirdrieZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
AthabascaZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
AtikamegZone 2b: -42.8°C to -40°C
BanffZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
BarrheadZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
BashawZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
BassanoZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
BeaumontZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
BeaverlodgeZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
BeisekerZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
BentleyZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
Big ValleyZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
Black DiamondZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
BlackfaldsZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
Bon AccordZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
BonnyvilleZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
Bow IslandZone 4b: -31.7°C to -28.9°C
BowdenZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
BrooksZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
BruderheimZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
CalgaryZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
CalmarZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
CamroseZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
CanmoreZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
CardstonZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
CarolineZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
CarstairsZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
CastorZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
ChatehZone 1a: -51.1°C to -48.3°C
Cherry PointZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
ChestermereZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
ClaresholmZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
Clear PrairieZone 2b: -42.8°C to -40°C
CoaldaleZone 4b: -31.7°C to -28.9°C
CoalhurstZone 4b: -31.7°C to -28.9°C
CochraneZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
Cold LakeZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
ConsortZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
CoronationZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
CrossfieldZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
Crowsnest PassZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
DayslandZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
DevonZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
DidsburyZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
Drayton ValleyZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
DrumhellerZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
EckvilleZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
EdmontonZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
EdsonZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
Elk PointZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
FairviewZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
FalherZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
Fort MacleodZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
Fort McMurrayZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
Fort SaskatchewanZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
Fort VermilionZone 2a: -45.6°C to -42.8°C
Fox CreekZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
GibbonsZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
Grande CacheZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
Grande PrairieZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
GrimshawZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
HannaZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
HardistyZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
High LevelZone 2a: -45.6°C to -42.8°C
High PrairieZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
High RiverZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
HintonZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
InnisfailZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
IrricanaZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
JasperZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
KillamZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
La CreteZone 2a: -45.6°C to -42.8°C
Lac La BicheZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
LacombeZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
LamontZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
LangdonZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
LeducZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
LegalZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
LethbridgeZone 4b: -31.7°C to -28.9°C
LloydminsterZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
LloydminsterZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
MagrathZone 4b: -31.7°C to -28.9°C
ManningZone 2b: -42.8°C to -40°C
MarinaZone 2b: -42.8°C to -40°C
MaskwacisZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
MayerthorpeZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
McLennanZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
Meander RiverZone 1a: -51.1°C to -48.3°C
Medicine HatZone 4b: -31.7°C to -28.9°C
Milk RiverZone 4b: -31.7°C to -28.9°C
MilletZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
MorinvilleZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
MundareZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
NantonZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
OkotoksZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
OldsZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
OnowayZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
OyenZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
Peace RiverZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
PenholdZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
Picture ButteZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
Pincher CreekZone 4b: -31.7°C to -28.9°C
PonokaZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
ProvostZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
Rainbow LakeZone 1a: -51.1°C to -48.3°C
RaymondZone 4b: -31.7°C to -28.9°C
Red DeerZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
RedcliffZone 4b: -31.7°C to -28.9°C
RedwaterZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
RimbeyZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
Rocky Mountain HouseZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
RycroftZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
Saint PaulZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
SedgewickZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
SexsmithZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
Sherwood ParkZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
Slave LakeZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
Smoky LakeZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
Spirit RiverZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
Spruce GroveZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
St. AlbertZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
StettlerZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
Stony PlainZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
StrathmoreZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
SundreZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
Swan HillsZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
Sylvan LakeZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
TaberZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
Three HillsZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
TofieldZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
TrochuZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
Turner ValleyZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
Two HillsZone 3a: -40°C to -37.2°C
ValleyviewZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
VauxhallZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
VegrevilleZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
VermilionZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
VikingZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
VulcanZone 4a: -34.4°C to -31.7°C
WainwrightZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
WembleyZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
WestlockZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
WetaskiwinZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
WhitecourtZone 3b: -37.2°C to -34.4°C
WorsleyZone 2b: -42.8°C to -40°C
Zama CityZone 1a: -51.1°C to -48.3°C
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