Interactive Gardening and Plant Hardiness Zone Map for China

Based on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive map covers China which ranges from Zone 2a to Zone 11b.

Zone 2a

-50°F to -45°F

Zone 2b

-45°F to -40°F

Zone 3a

-40°F to -35°F

Zone 3b

-35°F to -30°F

Zone 4a

-30°F to -25°F

Zone 4b

-25°F to -20°F

Zone 5a

-20°F to -15°F

Zone 5b

-15°F to -10°F

Zone 6a

-10°F to -5°F

Zone 6b

-5°F to 0°F

Zone 7a

0°F to 5°F

Zone 7b

5°F to 10°F

Zone 8a

10°F to 15°F

Zone 8b

15°F to 20°F

Zone 9a

20°F to 25°F

Zone 9b

25°F to 30°F

Zone 10a

30°F to 35°F

Zone 10b

35°F to 40°F

Zone 11a

40°F to 45°F

Zone 11b

55°F to 50°F

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Zoom to Major Cities in China

Zoom to Anshan Zone 6aAnshan - Zone 6a
Zoom to Anyue Zone 10aAnyue - Zone 10a
Zoom to Baotou Zone 5bBaotou - Zone 5b
Zoom to Bazhong Zone 10aBazhong - Zone 10a
Zoom to Beijing Zone 7bBeijing - Zone 7b
Zoom to Changchun Zone 5aChangchun - Zone 5a
Zoom to Changsha Zone 9bChangsha - Zone 9b
Zoom to Chaozhou Zone 11aChaozhou - Zone 11a
Zoom to Chengdu Zone 9bChengdu - Zone 9b
Zoom to Chongqing Zone 10aChongqing - Zone 10a
Zoom to Da Xian Zone 10aDa Xian - Zone 10a
Zoom to Dalian Zone 7bDalian - Zone 7b
Zoom to Daqing Zone 4bDaqing - Zone 4b
Zoom to Datong Zone 5bDatong - Zone 5b
Zoom to Dayan Zone 9aDayan - Zone 9a
Zoom to Dayong Zone 9bDayong - Zone 9b
Zoom to Dingxian Zone 7bDingxian - Zone 7b
Zoom to Dukou Zone 10aDukou - Zone 10a
Zoom to Ezhou Zone Ezhou - Zone
Zoom to Fushun Zone 5bFushun - Zone 5b
Zoom to Fuzhou Zone 10bFuzhou - Zone 10b
Zoom to Guangzhou Zone 10bGuangzhou - Zone 10b
Zoom to Guiyang Zone 9bGuiyang - Zone 9b
Zoom to Guyuan Zone 6aGuyuan - Zone 6a
Zoom to Handan Zone 8aHandan - Zone 8a
Zoom to Hangzhou Zone 9aHangzhou - Zone 9a
Zoom to Harbin Zone 4bHarbin - Zone 4b
Zoom to Hong Kong Zone 11bHong Kong - Zone 11b
Zoom to Huainan Zone 8bHuainan - Zone 8b
Zoom to Jieyang Zone 11aJieyang - Zone 11a
Zoom to Jilin Zone 4aJilin - Zone 4a
Zoom to Jinan Zone 8aJinan - Zone 8a
Zoom to Kowloon Zone 11bKowloon - Zone 11b
Zoom to Kunming Zone 9bKunming - Zone 9b
Zoom to Lanzhou Zone 7aLanzhou - Zone 7a
Zoom to Lianyungang Zone 8aLianyungang - Zone 8a
Zoom to Liuyang Zone 9aLiuyang - Zone 9a
Zoom to Longyan Zone 10aLongyan - Zone 10a
Zoom to Loudi Zone 9aLoudi - Zone 9a
Zoom to Luoyang Zone 8bLuoyang - Zone 8b
Zoom to Luyi Zone 8bLuyi - Zone 8b
Zoom to Maanshan Zone 9aMaanshan - Zone 9a
Zoom to Meizhou Zone 10aMeizhou - Zone 10a
Zoom to Nanchang Zone 9bNanchang - Zone 9b
Zoom to Nanjing Zone 8bNanjing - Zone 8b
Zoom to Nanning Zone 10bNanning - Zone 10b
Zoom to Ordos Zone 6aOrdos - Zone 6a
Zoom to Puyang Zone 9aPuyang - Zone 9a
Zoom to Qingdao Zone 8aQingdao - Zone 8a
Zoom to Qiqihar Zone 4bQiqihar - Zone 4b
Zoom to Quanzhou Zone 11aQuanzhou - Zone 11a
Zoom to Shanghai Zone 9aShanghai - Zone 9a
Zoom to Shenyang Zone 5bShenyang - Zone 5b
Zoom to Shijiazhuang Zone 7bShijiazhuang - Zone 7b
Zoom to Shiyan Zone 9aShiyan - Zone 9a
Zoom to Suzhou Zone 9aSuzhou - Zone 9a
Zoom to Tai'an Zone 6bTai'an - Zone 6b
Zoom to Taiyuan Zone 6bTaiyuan - Zone 6b
Zoom to Tangshan Zone 7aTangshan - Zone 7a
Zoom to Tianjin Zone 7bTianjin - Zone 7b
Zoom to Urumqi Zone 5bUrumqi - Zone 5b
Zoom to Urunchi Zone 5bUrunchi - Zone 5b
Zoom to Wuhan Zone 9aWuhan - Zone 9a
Zoom to Wuxi Zone Wuxi - Zone
Zoom to Xi'an Zone 8aXi'an - Zone 8a
Zoom to Zhengzhou Zone 8aZhengzhou - Zone 8a
Zoom to Zibo Zone 7bZibo - Zone 7b