Denmark Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Zone 7b
-15°C to -12.2°C
Zone 8a
-12.2°C to -9.4°C
Zone 8b
-9.4°C to -6.7°C
Zone 9a
-6.7°C to -3.9°C
Zone 9b
-3.9°C to -1.1°C
View the Fahrenheit Version of the Denmark Hardiness Zone Map

Based on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive version covers the country of Denmark which ranges from Zone 7b to Zone 9b.

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List of Hardiness Zones for Locations in Denmark

LocationHardiness Zone
AEroskobingZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
AabenraaZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
AalborgZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
AarsZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
AnholtZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
ArhusZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
ArnagerbroZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
BillundZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
BisnapZone 9b: -3.9°C to -1.1°C
BrammingZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
BrandeZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
BronderslevZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
CopenhagenZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
EbeltoftZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
EsbjergZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
FaaborgZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
FjerritslevZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
FlongZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
FredensborgZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
FredericiaZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
FrederikshavnZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
GrenaZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
GrenaaZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
HaderslevZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
HadsundZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
HelsingorZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
HerningZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
HillerodZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
HirtshalsZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
HjorringZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
HolstebroZone 9a: -6.7°C to -3.9°C
HorsensZone 9a: -6.7°C to -3.9°C
HundestedZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
HvalpsundZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
JerupZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
KalundborgZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
KlitmollerZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
KogeZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
KoldingZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
LemvigZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
Lild StrandZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
LogstorZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
MariboZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
MiddelfartZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
MunkeboZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
NaestvedZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
NakskovZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
NordborgZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
Nykobing MorsZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
Nykobing SjaellandZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
OdenseZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
Osterby HavnZone 9a: -6.7°C to -3.9°C
RandersZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
RibeZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
RingkobingZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
RonneZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
SaebyZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
SkagenZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
SkiveZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
SkjernZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
SlagelseZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
SonderborgZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
SondersoZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
SoroZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
StruerZone 9a: -6.7°C to -3.9°C
SvendborgZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
ThistedZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
TinglevZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
TonderZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
VardeZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
VejenZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
VejleZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
Vestero HavnZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
ViborgZone 7b: -15°C to -12.2°C
VordingborgZone 8a: -12.2°C to -9.4°C
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