Iowa 2012 USDA Hardiness Zone Map

View the new 2023 Iowa Hardiness Zone Map

Zone 4b
-25°F to -20°F
Zone 5a
-20°F to -15°F
Zone 5b
-15°F to -10°F
Zone 6a
-10°F to -5°F

Based on the 2012 USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive version covers the state of Iowa which ranges from USDA Zone 4b to USDA Zone 6a.

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List of 2012 Hardiness Zones for Cities in Iowa

LocationHardiness Zone
AckleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AckworthZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AdairZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AdelZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AftonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AgencyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
AinsworthZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
AkronZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Albert CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AlbiaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
AlbionZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AlburnettZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AldenZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AlexanderZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AlgonaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AllemanZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AllendorfZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AllertonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
AllisonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AltaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Alta VistaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AltonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AltoonaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AlvordZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AmanaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AmesZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AnamosaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AndersonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
AndoverZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AndrewZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AnitaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AnkenyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AnthonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AplingtonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ArcadiaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ArcherZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AredaleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ArgyleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ArionZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ArispeZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ArlingtonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ArmstrongZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Arnolds ParkZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ArthurZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AsburyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AshtonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AspinwallZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AtalissaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
AthelstanZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
AtkinsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AtlanticZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AuburnZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AudubonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AureliaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AuroraZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AustinvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AvocaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AyrshireZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BadgerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BagleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BaldwinZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BalltownZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BancroftZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BankstonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Barnes CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BarnumZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BartlettZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BassettZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BataviaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Battle CreekZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BaxterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BayardZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BeaconZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BeaconsfieldZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BeamanZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BeaverZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BeaverdaleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BedfordZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Belle PlaineZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BellevueZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BelmondZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BennettZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BentleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BentonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BerkleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BernardZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BertramZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BerwickZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BettendorfZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BevingtonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BirminghamZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BlairsburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BlairstownZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BlakesburgZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BlanchardZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BlencoeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BlencoeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BlocktonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BloomfieldZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Blue GrassZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BodeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BolanZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BonaparteZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BondurantZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BooneZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BoonevilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BoutonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BoxholmZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BoydenZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BoyerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BraddyvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BradfordZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BradgateZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BrandonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BraytonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BredaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BridgewaterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BrightonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BristowZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BrittZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BronsonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BrooklynZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BrunsvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BryantZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Buck GroveZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BuckeyeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BuckinghamZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BuffaloZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Buffalo CenterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BurchinalZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BurlingtonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BurnsideZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Burr OakZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BurtZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BusseyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
CalamusZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
California JunctionZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CallenderZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CalmarZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CalumetZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CamancheZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
CambridgeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CantrilZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
CarbonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CarlisleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CarpenterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CarrollZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CarsonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Carter LakeZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
CascadeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CaseyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CastaliaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CastanaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CedarZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Cedar FallsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Cedar RapidsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Center JunctionZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Center PointZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CentervilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Central CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CentraliaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ChapinZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CharitonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Charles CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CharlotteZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Charter OakZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ChatsworthZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ChelseaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CherokeeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ChesterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ChillicotheZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ChurdanZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CincinnatiZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ClareZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ClarenceZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ClarindaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ClarionZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ClarksvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ClaytonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Clear LakeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ClearfieldZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CleghornZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ClemonsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ClermontZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Climbing HillZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ClintonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Clinton Stock YardsZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ClioZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
CliveZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ClutierZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CoalvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CoburgZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
CoggonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CoinZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ColesburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ColfaxZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
College SpringsZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
CollinsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ColoZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ColumbiaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Columbus CityZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Columbus JctZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Columbus JunctionZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ColwellZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ConesvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ConradZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ConroyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ConwayZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Coon RapidsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CooperZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CoppockZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
CoralvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
CorleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CorningZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CorrectionvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CorwithZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CorydonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
CotterZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
CoulterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Council BluffsZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
CraigZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CrawfordsvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
CrescentZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
CrescoZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CrestonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CromwellZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Crystal LakeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CumberlandZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CummingZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CurlewZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CushingZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CylinderZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Dakota CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DallasZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Dallas CenterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DanaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DanburyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DanvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
DavenportZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Davis CityZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
DawsonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DaytonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
De SotoZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
De WittZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DecaturZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
DecorahZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DedhamZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Deep RiverZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DefianceZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DelawareZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DelhiZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DelmarZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DeloitZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DelphosZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
DeltaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
DenisonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DenmarkZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
DenverZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DerbyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Des MoinesZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
DewarZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DexterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DiagonalZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
DickensZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DikeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DixonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
DolliverZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DonahueZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
DonnanZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DonnellsonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
DoonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DorchesterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DoudsZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
DoughertyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Dow CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DowsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DrakesvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
DubuqueZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DumontZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DuncanZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DuncombeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DundeeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DunkertonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DunlapZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DurangoZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DurantZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
DyersvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DysartZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Eagle GroveZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
EarlhamZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
EarlingZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
EarlvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
EarlyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
East AmanaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
East PeruZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
East Pleasant PlainZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
EddyvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
EdgewoodZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ElberonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
EldonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
EldoraZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
EldridgeZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ElginZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Elk HornZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Elk Run HeightsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ElkaderZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ElkhartZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ElkportZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ElliottZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
EllstonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
EllsworthZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ElmaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ElwoodZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ElyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
EmersonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
EmmetsburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
EpworthZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
EssexZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
EsthervilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
EvansdaleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
EverlyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ExiraZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ExlineZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
FairbankZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
FairfaxZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
FairfieldZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
FarleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
FarmersburgZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FarmingtonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
FarnhamvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
FarragutZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
FayetteZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FentonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
FergusonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
FertileZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
FlorisZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
FloydZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
FondaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
FontanelleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Forest CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Fort AtkinsonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Fort DodgeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Fort MadisonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
FostoriaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
FranklinZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
FraserZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
FredericksburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
FrederikaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
FredoniaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
FremontZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
FruitlandZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
FrytownZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
GaltZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GalvaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GarberZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Garden CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Garden GroveZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GarnavilloZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GarnerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GarrisonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GarwinZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GenevaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GeorgeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GibsonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GiffordZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GilbertZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GilbertvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Gillett GroveZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GilmanZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Gilmore CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GladbrookZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GlenwoodZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GliddenZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GoldfieldZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GoodellZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Goose LakeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GowrieZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GraettingerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GrafZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GraftonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Grand JunctionZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Grand MoundZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Grand RiverZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
GrandviewZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
GrangerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GrantZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GranvilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GravityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GrayZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GreeleyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Green IslandZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Green MountainZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GreeneZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GreenfieldZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
GreenvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GrimesZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GrinnellZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GriswoldZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Grundy CenterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GruverZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GuernseyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Guthrie CenterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GuttenbergZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HalburZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HamburgZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HamiltonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HamlinZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HamptonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HancockZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HanlontownZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HansellZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HarcourtZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HardyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HarlanZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HarperZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Harpers FerryZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HarrisZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HartfordZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HartleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HartwickZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HarveyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HastingsZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HavelockZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HaverhillZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HawardenZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HawkeyeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HayesvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HayfieldZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HazletonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HedrickZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HendersonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HepburnZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HiawathaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
High AmanaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HighlandvilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HillsZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HillsboroZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HintonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HollandZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HolsteinZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Holy CrossZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HomesteadZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Honey CreekZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HopkintonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HornickZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HospersZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HoughtonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HubbardZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HudsonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HullZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HumboldtZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HumestonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HutchinsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HuxleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Ida GroveZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ImogeneZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
IndependenceZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
IndianolaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
InwoodZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
IoniaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Iowa CityZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Iowa FallsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
IraZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
IretonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
IrvingtonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
IrwinZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Jackson JunctionZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
JacksonvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
JamaicaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
JanesvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
JeffersonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
JesupZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
JewellZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
JohnstonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
JoiceZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
JolleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KalonaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
KamrarZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KanawhaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KellertonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
KelleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KelloggZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KensettZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KentZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KeokukZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
Keomah VillageZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
KeosauquaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
KeotaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
KesleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KeswickZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KeystoneZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KillduffZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KimballtonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KingsleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KinrossZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
KirkmanZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KirkvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
KironZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KlemmeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KnierimZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KnoxvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
La MotteZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
La Porte CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LaconaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LadoraZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Lake CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Lake MillsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Lake ParkZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Lake ViewZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LakesideZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LakotaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Lambs GroveZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LamoniZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LamontZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LanesboroZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LangworthyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LansingZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LarchwoodZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LarrabeeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LatimerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LaurelZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LaurensZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LawlerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LawtonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Le ClaireZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Le GrandZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Le MarsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Le RoyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LeandoZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LedyardZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LehighZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LeightonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LelandZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LenoxZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LeonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LesterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LettsZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LewisZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Liberty CenterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LibertyvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LidderdaleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Lime SpringsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LincolnZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LindenZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LinevilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Linn GroveZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LisbonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LiscombZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Little CedarZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Little RockZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Little SiouxZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LittleportZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LivermoreZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LockridgeZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LoganZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LohrvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Lone RockZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Lone TreeZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Long GroveZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LorimorZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Lost NationZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LovelandZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LoviliaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Low MoorZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LowdenZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Lu VerneZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LuanaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LucasZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LutherZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LuxemburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LuzerneZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LynnvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LyttonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MacedoniaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MacksburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MadridZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MagnoliaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Maharishi Vedic CityZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MalcomZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MallardZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MaloyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MalvernZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ManchesterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ManillaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ManlyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ManningZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MansonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MapletonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MaquoketaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MarathonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Marble RockZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MarcusZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MarengoZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MarionZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MarneZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MarquetteZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MarshalltownZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MartelleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MartensdaleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MartinsburgZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MarysvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Mason CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MasonvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MassenaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MatlockZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MauriceZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MaxwellZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
May CityZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MaynardZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MaysvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
McCallsburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
McCauslandZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
McClellandZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
McGregorZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
McIntireZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MechanicsvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MediapolisZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MelbourneZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MelcherZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MelroseZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MelvinZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MenloZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MeridenZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MerrillZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MeserveyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MeyerZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Middle AmanaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MiddletownZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MilesZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MilfordZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MillerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MillersburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MillertonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MillvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MiloZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MiltonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MinburnZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MindenZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MineolaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MingoZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Missouri ValleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MitchellZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MitchellvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ModaleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MonaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MondaminZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MonetaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MonmouthZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MononaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MonroeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MontezumaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MonticelloZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MontourZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MontpelierZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MontroseZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MoorheadZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MoorlandZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MoraviaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MorleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Morning SunZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MorrisonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MoscowZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MoultonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Mount AuburnZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Mount AyrZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Mount PleasantZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Mount SterlingZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Mount UnionZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Mount VernonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MovilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MurrayZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MuscatineZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MysticZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
NashuaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
NemahaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
NeolaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
NevadaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
New AlbinZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
New HamptonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
New HartfordZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
New HavenZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
New LibertyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
New LondonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
New MarketZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
New ProvidenceZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
New SharonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
New ViennaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
New VirginiaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
NewellZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
NewhallZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
NewtonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
NicholsZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
NodawayZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Nora SpringsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
North Buena VistaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
North EnglishZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
North LibertyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
North WashingtonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
NorthboroZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
NorthwoodZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
NorwalkZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
NorwayZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
NumaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
OakdaleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
OaklandZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Oakland AcresZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OakvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
OcheyedanZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OdeboltZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OelweinZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OgdenZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OkobojiZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OldsZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
OlinZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OllieZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
OnawaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OneidaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OnslowZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OranZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Orange CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OrchardZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OrientZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OrleansZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OsageZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OsceolaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
OskaloosaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
OssianZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OsterdockZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OthoZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OtleyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
OtoZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OtrantoZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OttosenZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OttumwaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
OwasaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OxfordZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Oxford JunctionZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OyensZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Pacific JunctionZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PackwoodZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
PalmerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PaloZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PanamaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PanoraZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Panorama ParkZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Park ViewZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ParkersburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ParnellZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PatonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PattersonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PaullinaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
PellaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
PeostaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PercivalZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
PerryZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PersiaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PeruZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PetersonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PiersonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Pilot GroveZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Pilot MoundZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PioneerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PisgahZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PlainfieldZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PlanoZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Pleasant HillZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Pleasant PlainZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Pleasant ValleyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
PleasantonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
PleasantvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
PloverZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PlymouthZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PocahontasZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Polk CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PomeroyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PopejoyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PortlandZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PortsmouthZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PostvilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Prairie CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PrairieburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PrescottZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PrestonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PrimgharZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
PrincetonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ProleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Promise CityZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ProtivinZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
PulaskiZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
QuasquetonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
QuimbyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RadcliffeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RakeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RalstonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RandaliaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RandallZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RandolphZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
RathbunZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
RaymondZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ReadlynZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ReasnorZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Red OakZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ReddingZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
RedfieldZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ReinbeckZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RembrandtZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RemsenZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RenwickZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RhodesZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RicevilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RichlandZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
RickardsvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RickettsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RidgewayZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RinardZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RingstedZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RippeyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
River SiouxZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RiverdaleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
RiversideZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
RivertonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
RobinsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RochesterZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Rock FallsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Rock RapidsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Rock ValleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RockfordZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RockwellZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Rockwell CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RodmanZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RodneyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RolandZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RolfeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RomeZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Rose HillZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
RosevilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RossieZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RowanZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RowleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RoyalZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RuddZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RunnellsZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
RussellZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RuthvenZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RutlandZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RyanZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SabulaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Sac CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SagevilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint AnsgarZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint AnthonyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint BenedictZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint CharlesZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint DonatusZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint JosephZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint LucasZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint MarysZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint OlafZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint PaulZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
SalemZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
SalixZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SanbornZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
SandyvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SaylorvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ScarvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SchallerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SchleswigZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ScrantonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SearsboroZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SelmaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Sergeant BluffZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SextonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SeymourZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ShambaughZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Shannon CityZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
SharpsburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SheffieldZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ShelbyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SheldahlZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SheldonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Shell RockZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ShellsburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ShenandoahZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
SherrillZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ShueyvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SibleyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
SidneyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
SigourneyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Silver CityZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Sioux CenterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Sioux CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Sioux CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Sioux RapidsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SlaterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SloanZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SmithlandZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SoldierZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SolonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SomersZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
South AmanaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
South EnglishZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
SpencerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SperryZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
SpillvilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Spirit LakeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SpraguevilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Spring HillZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SpringbrookZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SpringvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
StacyvilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
StanhopeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
StanleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
StantonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
StanwoodZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
State CenterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Steamboat RockZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
StockportZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
StocktonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Stone CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Storm LakeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Story CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
StoutZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
StratfordZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Strawberry PointZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
StrubleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
StuartZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SullyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SumnerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Sundown Mountain Ski AreaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SuperiorZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SutherlandZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SwaledaleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SwanZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Swea CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SwedesburgZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
SwisherZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TaborZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
TamaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Teeds GroveZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TempletonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TennantZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TerrilZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ThayerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ThompsonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ThorZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ThornburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ThorntonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ThurmanZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
TiffinZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
TingleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TiptonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TitonkaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ToddvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ToetervilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ToledoZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TorontoZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TracyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
TraerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TreynorZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TripoliZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Troy MillsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TruesdaleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TruroZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TurinZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
UdellZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
UnderwoodZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
UnionZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
UnionvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
University HeightsZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
University ParkZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
UrbanaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
UrbandaleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
UteZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
VailZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ValeriaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Van HorneZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Van MeterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Van WertZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
VarinaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
VenturaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
VictorZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
VilliscaZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
VincentZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ViningZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
VintonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ViolaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
VolgaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WadenaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WahpetonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WalcottZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
WalfordZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WalkerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Wall LakeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WallingfordZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WalnutZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WapelloZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
WashburnZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WashingtonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
WashtaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WaterlooZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WatervilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WatkinsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WaucomaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WaukeeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WaukonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WaverlyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WaylandZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
WebbZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WebsterZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Webster CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WeldonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
WellmanZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
WellsburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WeltmanZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
WeltonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WesleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
West AmanaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
West BendZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
West BranchZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
West BurlingtonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
West ChesterZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
West Des MoinesZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
West GroveZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
West LibertyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
West OkobojiZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
West PointZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
West UnionZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WestfieldZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WestgateZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WestonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
WestphaliaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WestsideZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WestwoodZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
WeverZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
What CheerZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
WheatlandZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WhitingZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WhittemoreZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WhittenZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WilleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WilliamsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WilliamsburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WilliamsonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WiltonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Windsor HeightsZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
WinfieldZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
WintersetZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WinthropZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WiotaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WodenZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WoodbineZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WoodburnZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
WoodwardZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WoolstockZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WorthingtonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WyomingZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
YaleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
YarmouthZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
YetterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
YorktownZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ZearingZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ZwingleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
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