Montana Level 4 Ecoregions Map

er15a - Grave Creek Range-Nine Mile Divide
er15b - Camas Valley
er15c - Flathead Valley
er15d - Tobacco Plains
er15e - Flathead Hills and Mountains
er15h - High Northern Rockies
er15i - Clearwater Mountains and Breaks
er15k - Clark Fork Valley and Mountains
er15l - Salish Mountains
er15o - Coeur d Alene Metasedimentary Zone
er15p - St. Joe Schist-Gneiss Zone
er15q - Purcell-Cabinet-North Bitterroot Mountains
er15t - Stillwater-Swan Wooded Valley
er16a - Eastern Batholith
er16b - Lochsa Uplands
er16e - Glaciated Bitterroot Mountains and Canyons
er16h - High Idaho Batholith
er16i - South Clearwater Forested Mountains
er17aa - Dry Intermontane Sagebrush Valleys
er17ab - Dry Gneissic-Schistose-Volcanic Hills er17ab - Big Hole
er17ad - Western Beaverhead Mountains er17ad - Forested Beaverhead Mountains
er17af - Centennial Basin er17af - Pioneer-Anaconda Ranges
er17ah - Eastern Pioneer Sedimentary Mountains er17ah - Elkhorn Mountains-Boulder Batholith
er17aj - Eastern Divide Mountains er17aj - Deer Lodge-Philipsburg-Avon Grassy Intermontane Hills and Valleys
er17al - Southern Garnet Sedimentary-Volcanic Mountains er17al - Flint Creek-Anaconda Mountains
er17ao - Absaroka Volcanic Subalpine Zone er17ao - Sedimentary Subalpine Zone
er17d - Eastern Gravelly Mountains er17d - Barren Mountains
er17f - Crazy Mountains er17f - Mid-elevation Sedimentary Mountains
er17h - High Elevation Rockland Alpine Zone er17h - Absaroka-Gallatin Volcanic Mountains
er17j - Yellowstone Plateau er17j - Granitic Subalpine Zone
er17l - Gneissic-Schistose Forested Mountains er17l - Dry Mid-elevation Sedimentary Mountains
er17p - Foothill Potholes er17p - Big Snowy-Little Belt Carbonate Mountains
er17r - Scattered Eastern Igneous-Core Mountains er17r - Bitterroot-Frenchtown Valley
er17t - Limy Foothill Savanna er17t - Paradise Valley
er17v - Big Belt Forested Highlands er17v - Townsend Basin
er17x - Rattlesnake-Blackfoot-South Swan-Northern Garnet-Sapphire Mountains er17x - Townsend-Horseshoe-London Sedimentary Hills
er17z - Tobacco Root Mountains er17z - Bighorn Basin
er41a - Northern Front er41a - Crestal Alpine-Subalpine Zone
er41c - Western Canadian Rockies er41c - Southern Carbonate Front
er41e - Flathead Thrust Faulted Carbonate-Rich Mountains er41e - Collapsed Glacial Outwash
er42d - Northern Missouri Coteau er42d - Glaciated Dark Brown Prairie
er42j - Glaciated Northern Grasslands er42j - Coteau Lakes Upland
er42l - Sweetgrass Uplands er42l - Cherry Patch Moraines
er42n - Milk River Pothole Upland er42n - North Central Brown Glaciated Plains
er42q - Rocky Mountain Front Foothill Potholes er42q - Foothill Grassland
er43a - Missouri Plateau er43a - Little Missouri Badlands
er43c - River Breaks er43c - Forested Buttes
er43e - Sagebrush Steppe er43e - Semiarid Pierre Shale Plains
er43k - Dense Clay Prairie er43k - Missouri Breaks Woodland-Scrubland
er43m - Judith Basin Grassland er43m - Central Grassland
er43o - Unglaciated Montana High Plains er43o - Ponderosa Pine Forest-Savanna Hills
er43q - Mesic Dissected Plains er43q - Non-calcareous foothill grassland
er43t - Shield-Smith Valleys er43t - Limy Foothill Grassland
er43v - Pryor - Bighorn Foothills

Based on Ecoregions developed by the EPA this map describe areas of general similarity in ecosystems and in the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources, as well as similarity of climate that can assist Montana gardenders.

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