South Africa Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Zone 6a
-23.3°C to -20.6°C
Zone 6b
-20.6°C to -17.8°C
Zone 7a
-17.8°C to -15°C
Zone 7b
-15°C to -12.2°C
Zone 8a
-12.2°C to -9.4°C
Zone 8b
-9.4°C to -6.7°C
Zone 9a
-6.7°C to -3.9°C
Zone 9b
-3.9°C to -1.1°C
Zone 10a
-1.1°C to 1.7°C
Zone 10b
1.7°C to 4.4°C
Zone 11a
4.4°C to 7.2°C
Zone 11b
7.2°C to 10°C
Zone 12a
10°C to 12.8°C
View the Fahrenheit Version of the South Africa Hardiness Zone Map

Based on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive version covers the country of South Africa which ranges from Zone 6a to Zone 12a.

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List of Hardiness Zones for Locations in South Africa

LocationHardiness Zone
BenoniZone 9b: -3.9°C to -1.1°C
BloemfonteinZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
BoksburgZone 9b: -3.9°C to -1.1°C
BotshabeloZone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
Cape TownZone 10a: -1.1°C to 1.7°C
DurbanZone 11a: 4.4°C to 7.2°C
East LondonZone 11a: 4.4°C to 7.2°C
EmalahleniZone 9b: -3.9°C to -1.1°C
GermistonZone 9b: -3.9°C to -1.1°C
GrahamstownZone 10a: -1.1°C to 1.7°C
JohannesburgZone 9b: -3.9°C to -1.1°C
KimberleyZone 9a: -6.7°C to -3.9°C
KlerksdorpZone 9b: -3.9°C to -1.1°C
KrugersdorpZone 9b: -3.9°C to -1.1°C
LadysmithZone 10a: -1.1°C to 1.7°C
Louis TrichardtZone 10a: -1.1°C to 1.7°C
MafikengZone 10a: -1.1°C to 1.7°C
MokopaneZone 10a: -1.1°C to 1.7°C
MthathaZone 10b: 1.7°C to 4.4°C
MusinaZone 10b: 1.7°C to 4.4°C
NelspruitZone 10b: 1.7°C to 4.4°C
NewcastleZone 9b: -3.9°C to -1.1°C
PietermaritzburgZone 10a: -1.1°C to 1.7°C
PolokwaneZone 10a: -1.1°C to 1.7°C
Port ElizabethZone 10b: 1.7°C to 4.4°C
PretoriaZone 10a: -1.1°C to 1.7°C
RandburgZone 10a: -1.1°C to 1.7°C
Richards BayZone 11b: 7.2°C to 10°C
RoodepoortZone 9b: -3.9°C to -1.1°C
RustenburgZone 10a: -1.1°C to 1.7°C
SecundaZone 9b: -3.9°C to -1.1°C
SowetoZone 9b: -3.9°C to -1.1°C
Thaba NchuZone 9a: -6.7°C to -3.9°C
UpingtonZone 9b: -3.9°C to -1.1°C
VereenigingZone 10a: -1.1°C to 1.7°C
WelkomZone 9a: -6.7°C to -3.9°C
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