Wisconsin Level 4 Ecoregions Map

er47g - Lower St. Croix and Vermillion Valleys
er50a - Lake Superior Lacustrine Clay Plain
er50aa - Menominee-Drummond Lakeshore
er50b - Minnesota/Wisconsin Upland Till Plain
er50c - St. Croix Pine Barrens
er50d - Ontonagon Lobe Moraines and Gogebic Iron Range
er50e - Chequamegon Moraines and Outwash Plain
er50f - Blue Hills
er50g - Chippewa Lobe Rocky Ground Moraines
er50h - Perkinstown End Moraines
er50i - Northern Highlands Lakes Country
er50j - Brule and Paint Rive Drumlins
er50k - Wisconsin/Michigan Pine Barrens
er50l - Menominee Ground Moraine
er50v - Winegar Dead Ice Moraine
er51a - St. Croix Outwash Plain
er51b - Central Wisconsin Undulating Till Plain
er51c - Glacial Lake Wisconsin Sand Plain
er51d - Central Sand Ridges
er51e - Upper Wolf River Stagnation Moraine er51e - Green Bay Till and Lacustrine Plain
er51g - Door Peninsula er51g - McGrath Till Plain and Drumlins
er52a - Savanna Section er52a - Paleozoic Plateau/Coulee Section
er53a - Rock River Drift Plain er53a - Kettle Moraines
er53c - Southeastern Wisconsin Savannah and Till Plain er53c - Lake Michigan Lacustrine Clay Plain
er54e - Chiwaukee Prairie Region

Based on Ecoregions developed by the EPA this map describe areas of general similarity in ecosystems and in the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources, as well as similarity of climate that can assist Wisconsin gardenders.

Ecoregion Maps for Neighboring States

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