Current Drought Conditions for Texas - July 16, 2024

Texas Drought Report:

As of July 16, 2024 approximately 25% (67184 square miles) of Texas is under drought conditions and 23% (62198 square miles) is Abnormally dry.

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Texas Drought Conditions Map

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List of Current Drought Conditions for Cities and Towns in Texas

LocationDrought Conditions
AbbottAbnormally Dry
AbileneAbnormally Dry
AckerlyAbnormally Dry
AlbanyAbnormally Dry
AledoAbnormally Dry
AlvaradoAbnormally Dry
AndrewsModerate Drought
AnsonAbnormally Dry
AquillaAbnormally Dry
AuroraAbnormally Dry
AzleAbnormally Dry
BanderaExtreme Drought
BardwellAbnormally Dry
BarryAbnormally Dry
Bee CaveAbnormally Dry
Big SpringModerate Drought
BlackwellAbnormally Dry
BlancoAbnormally Dry
Blooming GroveAbnormally Dry
Blue MoundAbnormally Dry
BlumAbnormally Dry
BoydAbnormally Dry
BriarAbnormally Dry
BristolAbnormally Dry
BrysonAbnormally Dry
BudaAbnormally Dry
Buffalo GapAbnormally Dry
BurlesonAbnormally Dry
Camp WoodSevere Drought
CarbonAbnormally Dry
Cedar HillAbnormally Dry
China GroveModerate Drought
CiboloModerate Drought
CiscoAbnormally Dry
CleburneAbnormally Dry
CoahomaModerate Drought
Cockrell HillAbnormally Dry
Colorado CityAbnormally Dry
ComfortExtreme Drought
CovingtonAbnormally Dry
CreedmoorAbnormally Dry
CressonAbnormally Dry
Cross PlainsAbnormally Dry
CrowleyAbnormally Dry
DawsonAbnormally Dry
Del RioExtreme Drought
Denver CityAbnormally Dry
Dripping SpringsAbnormally Dry
DuncanvilleAbnormally Dry
EastlandAbnormally Dry
EmhouseAbnormally Dry
EnnisAbnormally Dry
EulessAbnormally Dry
EvermanAbnormally Dry
FerrisAbnormally Dry
Forest HillAbnormally Dry
ForsanModerate Drought
FredericksburgModerate Drought
FrostAbnormally Dry
GailAbnormally Dry
Garden CityModerate Drought
GarrettAbnormally Dry
GeronimoAbnormally Dry
GodleyAbnormally Dry
GordonAbnormally Dry
GormanAbnormally Dry
GrafordAbnormally Dry
GrahamAbnormally Dry
GranburyAbnormally Dry
Grand PrairieAbnormally Dry
GrandviewAbnormally Dry
GrapevineAbnormally Dry
Grey ForestModerate Drought
HasletAbnormally Dry
HawleyAbnormally Dry
HermleighAbnormally Dry
HillsboroAbnormally Dry
HubbardAbnormally Dry
HutchinsAbnormally Dry
IngramSevere Drought
IrvingAbnormally Dry
ItalyAbnormally Dry
ItascaAbnormally Dry
JacksboroAbnormally Dry
Johnson CityAbnormally Dry
JoshuaAbnormally Dry
JustinAbnormally Dry
KeeneAbnormally Dry
KellerAbnormally Dry
KennedaleAbnormally Dry
KerrvilleSevere Drought
KirbyModerate Drought
KyleAbnormally Dry
Laguna ParkAbnormally Dry
Lake WorthAbnormally Dry
LakewayAbnormally Dry
LamesaAbnormally Dry
LancasterAbnormally Dry
LawnAbnormally Dry
LeakeySevere Drought
Leon ValleyModerate Drought
LipanAbnormally Dry
Live OakModerate Drought
LoopAbnormally Dry
LoraineAbnormally Dry
LuedersAbnormally Dry
MaloneAbnormally Dry
MansfieldAbnormally Dry
MarathonModerate Drought
MarfaExtreme Drought
MarionModerate Drought
MaypearlAbnormally Dry
MertensAbnormally Dry
MidlandModerate Drought
MidlothianAbnormally Dry
MilfordAbnormally Dry
MillsapAbnormally Dry
Mineral WellsAbnormally Dry
MingusAbnormally Dry
MoranAbnormally Dry
MorganAbnormally Dry
New BerlinModerate Drought
New BraunfelsModerate Drought
NewarkAbnormally Dry
NiederwaldAbnormally Dry
OdessaModerate Drought
Olmos ParkModerate Drought
OvillaAbnormally Dry
PalmerAbnormally Dry
Palo PintoAbnormally Dry
PenelopeAbnormally Dry
PerrinAbnormally Dry
PonderAbnormally Dry
PotosiAbnormally Dry
PresidioExtreme Drought
RangerAbnormally Dry
Red OakAbnormally Dry
RedfordExtreme Drought
RendonAbnormally Dry
RenoAbnormally Dry
RhomeAbnormally Dry
Rio VistaAbnormally Dry
Rising StarAbnormally Dry
River OaksAbnormally Dry
RoanokeAbnormally Dry
Robert LeeAbnormally Dry
RockspringsSevere Drought
RollingwoodAbnormally Dry
RoscoeAbnormally Dry
SaginawAbnormally Dry
Sand SpringsModerate Drought
SandersonSevere Drought
Sansom ParkAbnormally Dry
SchertzModerate Drought
SeagravesAbnormally Dry
SeguinAbnormally Dry
SelmaModerate Drought
SeminoleAbnormally Dry
SouthlakeAbnormally Dry
StantonModerate Drought
Sterling CityAbnormally Dry
StrawnAbnormally Dry
SweetwaterAbnormally Dry
TuscolaAbnormally Dry
TyeAbnormally Dry
UhlandAbnormally Dry
Universal CityModerate Drought
UtopiaSevere Drought
VenusAbnormally Dry
WaxahachieAbnormally Dry
WellmanAbnormally Dry
WestAbnormally Dry
West Lake HillsAbnormally Dry
WestbrookModerate Drought
White SettlementAbnormally Dry
WhitneyAbnormally Dry
WilmerAbnormally Dry
WimberleyAbnormally Dry
WoodsonAbnormally Dry
ZuehlModerate Drought
AmarilloAbnormally Dry
AmherstAbnormally Dry
BaileyAbnormally Dry
BalmorheaSevere Drought
BarstowSevere Drought
BatesvilleModerate Drought
BellevueAbnormally Dry
BellmeadAbnormally Dry
BellsAbnormally Dry
Big LakeModerate Drought
Big WellsAbnormally Dry
BigfootAbnormally Dry
BoerneSevere Drought
BonhamAbnormally Dry
BookerAbnormally Dry
BorgerAbnormally Dry
BovinaModerate Drought
BowieAbnormally Dry
Boys RanchAbnormally Dry
BrackettvilleExtreme Drought
BrownfieldAbnormally Dry
BuckholtsAbnormally Dry
BurkburnettAbnormally Dry
ByersAbnormally Dry
CactusAbnormally Dry
CameronAbnormally Dry
CanutilloExtreme Drought
CarlsbadAbnormally Dry
CastrovilleModerate Drought
ChanningAbnormally Dry
CharlotteAbnormally Dry
ChristovalExtreme Drought
ClintSevere Drought
CooperAbnormally Dry
CraneModerate Drought
Crystal CityModerate Drought
D'HanisSevere Drought
DalhartModerate Drought
DarrouzettAbnormally Dry
DeanAbnormally Dry
Dell CityExtreme Drought
DevineModerate Drought
DilleyAbnormally Dry
DimmittAbnormally Dry
Dodd CityAbnormally Dry
DodsonAbnormally Dry
DumasModerate Drought
Eagle PassSevere Drought
EarthAbnormally Dry
EctorAbnormally Dry
EdenAbnormally Dry
EldoradoSevere Drought
ElectraAbnormally Dry
ElmendorfModerate Drought
EvantAbnormally Dry
FabensSevere Drought
FarwellModerate Drought
FloresvilleModerate Drought
FollettAbnormally Dry
Fort Clark SpringsExtreme Drought
Fort DavisExtreme Drought
Fort HancockSevere Drought
Fort StocktonModerate Drought
FrionaAbnormally Dry
FritchAbnormally Dry
GoldthwaiteAbnormally Dry
GrandfallsModerate Drought
GroomAbnormally Dry
HartAbnormally Dry
HartleyModerate Drought
HenriettaAbnormally Dry
HigginsModerate Drought
HondoModerate Drought
Honey GroveAbnormally Dry
Horizon CitySevere Drought
HowardwickAbnormally Dry
ImperialModerate Drought
Iowa ParkAbnormally Dry
IraanAbnormally Dry
JollyAbnormally Dry
JourdantonAbnormally Dry
KermitModerate Drought
KnippaSevere Drought
La PryorModerate Drought
La VerniaModerate Drought
Lago VistaAbnormally Dry
LeforsAbnormally Dry
LemingModerate Drought
LeroyAbnormally Dry
LytleModerate Drought
MacdonaModerate Drought
MartindaleAbnormally Dry
McCameyModerate Drought
McLeanAbnormally Dry
MenardAbnormally Dry
MiamiAbnormally Dry
MilanoAbnormally Dry
MilesAbnormally Dry
MonahansSevere Drought
MontagueAbnormally Dry
MooreAbnormally Dry
MortonAbnormally Dry
NataliaModerate Drought
NoconaAbnormally Dry
OltonAbnormally Dry
OzonaAbnormally Dry
Paint RockAbnormally Dry
PampaAbnormally Dry
PanhandleAbnormally Dry
ParisAbnormally Dry
PearsallAbnormally Dry
Pecan GapAbnormally Dry
PecosSevere Drought
PetroliaAbnormally Dry
PlainsAbnormally Dry
PoteetModerate Drought
PothAbnormally Dry
PottsboroAbnormally Dry
PyoteSevere Drought
QuanahAbnormally Dry
QuemadoExtreme Drought
RankinModerate Drought
RedwoodAbnormally Dry
Richland SpringsAbnormally Dry
RockdaleAbnormally Dry
RogersAbnormally Dry
RosebudAbnormally Dry
Round MountainAbnormally Dry
RoxtonAbnormally Dry
SabinalSevere Drought
SadlerAbnormally Dry
San ElizarioSevere Drought
SanfordAbnormally Dry
SavoyAbnormally Dry
ScotlandAbnormally Dry
ShamrockAbnormally Dry
ShermanAbnormally Dry
Sierra BlancaSevere Drought
SonoraAbnormally Dry
SouthmaydAbnormally Dry
SpoffordExtreme Drought
StinnettAbnormally Dry
StockdaleAbnormally Dry
StratfordAbnormally Dry
SudanAbnormally Dry
SundownAbnormally Dry
SunrayAbnormally Dry
SunsetAbnormally Dry
TexlineAbnormally Dry
ThorndaleAbnormally Dry
ThorntonvilleSevere Drought
ThrallAbnormally Dry
Tom BeanAbnormally Dry
TornilloSevere Drought
ToyahSevere Drought
TrentonAbnormally Dry
UvaldeSevere Drought
Van HornExtreme Drought
VernonAbnormally Dry
VintonExtreme Drought
VolenteAbnormally Dry
Von OrmyModerate Drought
WacoAbnormally Dry
WellingtonAbnormally Dry
WheelerAbnormally Dry
White DeerAbnormally Dry
WhitefaceAbnormally Dry
WhitewrightAbnormally Dry
WickettSevere Drought
WindomAbnormally Dry
WindthorstAbnormally Dry
WinkModerate Drought
AnthonyExtreme Drought
ArlingtonAbnormally Dry
BairdAbnormally Dry
BallingerAbnormally Dry
BedfordAbnormally Dry
BenbrookAbnormally Dry
BreckenridgeAbnormally Dry
BronteAbnormally Dry
CanadianAbnormally Dry
Carrizo SpringsAbnormally Dry
ChillicotheAbnormally Dry
ClydeAbnormally Dry
ColleyvilleAbnormally Dry
CoolAbnormally Dry
DeSotoAbnormally Dry
DecaturAbnormally Dry
GardendaleModerate Drought
GoldsmithModerate Drought
Haltom CityAbnormally Dry
HarperModerate Drought
Hornsby BendAbnormally Dry
HurstAbnormally Dry
JunctionAbnormally Dry
MerkelAbnormally Dry
MertzonModerate Drought
Mount CalmAbnormally Dry
MuleshoeAbnormally Dry
North Richland HillsAbnormally Dry
Pleasant ValleyAbnormally Dry
PleasantonAbnormally Dry
San AngeloModerate Drought
San MarcosAbnormally Dry
TrentAbnormally Dry
Valley MillsAbnormally Dry
WataugaAbnormally Dry
WeatherfordAbnormally Dry
WelchAbnormally Dry
Wichita FallsAbnormally Dry
Wolfe CityAbnormally Dry
AlpineSevere Drought
AlmaAbnormally Dry
BulverdeModerate Drought
DriftwoodAbnormally Dry
Mountain CityAbnormally Dry
SpringtownAbnormally Dry
StonewallModerate Drought
WestlakeAbnormally Dry
DenisonAbnormally Dry
PrestonAbnormally Dry
RossAbnormally Dry
ManchacaAbnormally Dry
El PasoExtreme Drought
Fort WorthAbnormally Dry
San AntonioModerate Drought
BridgeportAbnormally Dry
ParadiseAbnormally Dry
AlvordAbnormally Dry
ChicoAbnormally Dry
GholsonAbnormally Dry
LadoniaAbnormally Dry
Seco MinesSevere Drought
AnnettaAbnormally Dry
AustinAbnormally Dry
Edgecliff VillageAbnormally Dry
RavennaAbnormally Dry
SocorroSevere Drought
Garden RidgeModerate Drought
Annetta NorthAbnormally Dry
Annetta SouthAbnormally Dry
SanctuaryAbnormally Dry
Pelican BayAbnormally Dry
BriaroaksAbnormally Dry
Trophy ClubAbnormally Dry
WoodcreekAbnormally Dry
Hudson OaksAbnormally Dry
Willow ParkAbnormally Dry
Lakeside CityAbnormally Dry
LakesideAbnormally Dry
Glenn HeightsAbnormally Dry
Oak LeafAbnormally Dry
San LeannaAbnormally Dry
BriarcliffAbnormally Dry
NorthlakeAbnormally Dry
KnollwoodAbnormally Dry
Pecan HillAbnormally Dry
Runaway BayAbnormally Dry
Lake BridgeportAbnormally Dry
HaysAbnormally Dry
Mustang RidgeAbnormally Dry
The HillsAbnormally Dry
Bear CreekAbnormally Dry
Bishop HillsAbnormally Dry
Agua DulceSevere Drought
Barton CreekAbnormally Dry
Carrizo HillAbnormally Dry
Cienegas TerraceExtreme Drought
Eidson RoadModerate Drought
Elm CreekSevere Drought
Grape CreekAbnormally Dry
HilltopAbnormally Dry
Hudson BendAbnormally Dry
Las Quintas FronterizasModerate Drought
LindsaySevere Drought
Morning GlorySevere Drought
North PearsallAbnormally Dry
Pecan PlantationAbnormally Dry
Prado VerdeExtreme Drought
Shady HollowAbnormally Dry
Uvalde EstatesSevere Drought
Val Verde ParkExtreme Drought
Canyon LakeAbnormally Dry
Cross MountainModerate Drought
LakehillsExtreme Drought
Lost CreekAbnormally Dry
Oak Trail ShoresAbnormally Dry
Pecan AcresAbnormally Dry
Scenic OaksSevere Drought
SparksSevere Drought
Timberwood ParkModerate Drought
West OdessaModerate Drought
WestwayExtreme Drought
Sherwood ShoresAbnormally Dry
Cashion CommunityAbnormally Dry
DeCordovaAbnormally Dry
DISHAbnormally Dry
Point VentureAbnormally Dry
Western LakeAbnormally Dry
McKinney AcresModerate Drought
Lake DunlapAbnormally Dry
Sherwood ShoresAbnormally Dry
Pecan PlantationAbnormally Dry
Study ButteExtreme Drought
New FairviewAbnormally Dry
Nocona HillsAbnormally Dry
Siesta AcresSevere Drought
Sandy OaksModerate Drought