Arizona Level 4 Ecoregions Map

er14a - Creosote Bush-Dominated Basins
er14b - Arid Footslopes
er14c - Eastern Mojave Mountain Woodland and Shrubland
er14e - Arid Valleys and Canyonlands
er14f - Mojave Playas
er14p - Lower Grand Canyon
er20c - Semiarid Benchlands and Canyonlands
er20d - Arid Canyonlands
er20e - Escarpments
er20h - Sand Deserts
er20i - Cold Desert Sagebrush-Grasslands
er22aa - Hualapai/Coconino Woodlands
er22d - Middle Elevation Mountains
er22i - San Juan/Chaco Tablelands and Mesas
er22j - Semiarid Tablelands
er22o - Northeast Arizona Shrub-Grasslands
er22p - Little Colorado Valley/Painted Desert
er22q - Dinetah Tablelands
er22r - Mesa Highlands
er22s - Hopi Buttes er22s - Chinle Valley and Mesas
er22u - Kaibito/Moenkopi Sandy Plateaus er22u - Marble Platform
er22w - Grand Canyon er22w - Arizona Strip Plateaus
er22y - Uinkaret/Aubrey Montane Conifer Forest er22y - Chino/Coconino Grasslands and Shrubsteppe
er23b - Madrean Lower Montane Woodlands er23b - Montane Conifer Forests
er23d - Arizona/New Mexico Subalpine Forests er23d - Conifer Woodlands and Savannas
er23h - Lower Mogollon Transition er23h - Montane and Subalpine Grasslands
er23j - Northern Woodlands and Sagebrush er23j - Sunset Crater Volcanics
er23l - Mogollon Transition Conifer Forests er23l - Chihuahuan Basins and Playas
er24c - Low Mountains and Bajadas er24c - Apachian Valleys and Low Hills
er79b - Lower Madrean Woodlands er79b - Madrean Pine-Oak and Mixed Conifer Forests
er79d - Willcox Playa er79d - Madrean Basin Grasslands
er81d - Sand Hills/Sand Dunes er81d - Lower Colorado/Lower Gila River Valleys
er81i - Central Sonoran/Colorado Desert Mountains er81i - Central Sonoran/Colorado Desert Basins
er81k - Arizona Upland/Eastern Sonoran Mountains er81k - Arizona Upland/Eastern Sonoran Basins
er81m - Sonoran Lava Fields er81m - Gila/Salt Intermediate Basins
er81o - Middle Gila/Salt River Floodplains

Based on Ecoregions developed by the EPA this map describe areas of general similarity in ecosystems and in the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources, as well as similarity of climate that can assist Arizona gardenders.

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