New Mexico Level 4 Ecoregions Map

er20b - Shale and Sedimentary Basins
er20c - Semiarid Benchlands and Canyonlands
er20d - Arid Canyonlands
er21a - Alpine Zone
er21b - Crystalline Subalpine Forests
er21c - Crystalline Mid-Elevation Forests and Shrublands
er21d - Foothills and Shrublands
er21e - Sedimentary Subalpine Forests
er21f - Sedimentary Mid-Elevation Forests and Shrublands
er21g - Volcanic Subalpine Forests
er21h - Volcanic Mid-Elevation Forests and Shrublands
er21j - Grassland Parks
er22a - Shrublands and Hills
er22b - San Luis Alluvial Flats and Wetlands
er22f - Taos Plateau
er22g - Rio Grande Floodplain
er22h - North-Central New Mexico Valleys and Mesas
er22i - San Juan/Chaco Tablelands and Mesas
er22j - Semiarid Tablelands
er22k - Lava Malpais er22k - Shale Deserts
er22m - Albuquerque Basin er22m - Near-Rockies Valleys and Mesas
er23a - Chihuahuan Desert Slopes er23a - Madrean Lower Montane Woodlands
er23c - Montane Conifer Forests er23c - Arizona/New Mexico Subalpine Forests
er23e - Conifer Woodlands and Savannas er23e - Rocky Mountain Conifer Forests
er23g - Rocky Mountain Subalpine Forests er23g - Northern Woodlands and Sagebrush
er23l - Mogollon Transition Conifer Forests er23l - Chihuahuan Basins and Playas
er24b - Chihuahuan Desert Grasslands er24b - Low Mountains and Bajadas
er24d - Chihuahuan Montane Woodlands er24d - Rio Grande Floodplain
er24g - Gypsiferous Dunes er24g - Lava Malpais
er25b - Rolling Sand Plains er25b - Moderate Relief Plains
er25e - Rolling Cropland and Range er25e - Llano Estacado
er25j - Shinnery Sands er25j - Arid Llano Estacado
er26d - Semiarid Canadian Breaks er26d - Mesa de Maya/Black Mesa
er26h - Pinyon-Juniper Woodlands er26h - Upper Canadian Plateau
er26m - Canadian Canyons er26m - Conchas/Pecos Plains
er26o - Central New Mexico Plains er26o - Pluvial Lake Basins
er26q - Southern New Mexico Dissected Plains er26q - Apachian Valleys and Low Hills
er79b - Lower Madrean Woodlands er79b - Madrean Pine-Oak and Mixed Conifer Forests
er79e - Madrean Basin Grasslands

Based on Ecoregions developed by the EPA this map describe areas of general similarity in ecosystems and in the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources, as well as similarity of climate that can assist New Mexico gardenders.

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