Louisiana Level 4 Ecoregions Map

er34a - Northern Humid Gulf Coastal Prairies
er34c - Floodplains and Low Terraces
er34g - Texas - Louisiana Coastal Marshes
er34j - Lafayette Loess Plains
er35a - Tertiary Uplands
er35b - Floodplains and Low Terraces
er35c - Pleistocene Fluvial Terraces
er35e - Southern Tertiary Uplands
er35f - Flatwoods
er35g - Red River Bottomlands
er65f - Southern Pine Plains and Hills
er65p - Southeastern Floodplains and Low Terraces
er73a - Northern Holocene Meander Belts
er73d - Northern Backswamps
er73h - Arkansas/Ouachita River Holocene Meander Belts
er73i - Arkansas/Ouachita River Backswamps
er73j - Macon Ridge
er73k - Southern Holocene Meander Belts
er73l - Southern Pleistocene Valley Trains
er73m - Southern Backswamps er73m - Inland Swamps
er73o - Coastal Marshes er73o - Bluff Hills
er74c - Southern Rolling Plains er74c - Baton Rouge Terrace
er75a - Gulf Coast Flatwoods er75a - Flood Plains and Low Terraces
er75k - Gulf Barrier Islands and Coastal Marshes

Based on Ecoregions developed by the EPA this map describe areas of general similarity in ecosystems and in the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources, as well as similarity of climate that can assist Louisiana gardenders.

Ecoregion Maps for Neighboring States

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