Texas Level 4 Ecoregions Map

er23a - Chihuahuan Desert Slopes
er23b - Madrean Lower Montane Woodlands
er24a - Chihuahuan Basins and Playas
er24b - Chihuahuan Desert Grasslands
er24c - Low Mountains and Bajadas
er24d - Chihuahuan Montane Woodlands
er24e - Stockton Plateau
er24f - Rio Grande Floodplain
er25b - Rolling Sand Plains
er25e - Rolling Cropland and Range
er25i - Llano Estacado
er25j - Shinnery Sands
er25k - Arid Llano Estacado
er26a - Cimarron Breaks
er26b - Flat Tablelands and Valleys
er26c - Caprock Canyons, Badlands, and Breaks
er26d - Semiarid Canadian Breaks
er27h - Red Prairie
er27i - Broken Red Plains
er27j - Limestone Plains er27j - Eastern Cross Timbers
er29c - Western Cross Timbers er29c - Grand Prairie
er29e - Limestone Cut Plain er29e - Carbonate Cross Timbers
er30a - Edwards Plateau Woodland er30a - Llano Uplift
er30c - Balcones Canyonlands er30c - Semiarid Edwards Plateau
er31a - Northern Nueces Alluvial Plains er31a - Semiarid Edwards Bajada
er31c - Texas-Tamaulipan Thornscrub er31c - Rio Grande Floodplain and Terraces
er32a - Northern Blackland Prairie er32a - Southern Blackland/Fayette Prairie
er32c - Floodplains and Low Terraces er32c - Northern Post Oak Savanna
er33b - Southern Post Oak Savanna er33b - San Antonio Prairie
er33d - Northern Prairie Outliers er33d - Bastrop Lost Pines
er33f - Floodplains and Low Terraces er33f - Northern Humid Gulf Coastal Prairies
er34b - Southern Subhumid Gulf Coastal Prairies er34b - Floodplains and Low Terraces
er34d - Coastal Sand Plain er34d - Lower Rio Grande Valley
er34f - Lower Rio Grande Alluvial Floodplain er34f - Texas - Louisiana Coastal Marshes
er34h - Mid-Coast Barrier Islands and Coastal Marshes er34h - Laguna Madre Barrier Islands and Coastal Marshes
er35a - Tertiary Uplands er35a - Floodplains and Low Terraces
er35c - Pleistocene Fluvial Terraces er35c - Southern Tertiary Uplands
er35f - Flatwoods er35f - Red River Bottomlands

Based on Ecoregions developed by the EPA this map describe areas of general similarity in ecosystems and in the type, quality, and quantity of environmental resources, as well as similarity of climate that can assist Texas gardenders.

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