Minnesota USDA Hardiness Zone Map

Zone 2b
-45°F to -40°F
Zone 3a
-40°F to -35°F
Zone 3b
-35°F to -30°F
Zone 4a
-30°F to -25°F
Zone 4b
-25°F to -20°F

Based on the 1990 USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive version covers the state of Minnesota which ranges from USDA Zone 2b to USDA Zone 4b.

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List of 1990 Hardiness Zones for Cities in Minnesota

LocationHardiness Zone
AdaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
AdamsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AdolphZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AdrianZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AftonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Afton Alps Ski AreaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Ah-gwah-chingZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
AitkinZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
AkeleyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
AlbanyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Albert LeaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AlbertaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
AlbertvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
AlbornZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
AldenZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AldrichZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
AlexandriaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
AlmelundZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
AlphaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AlturaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AlvaradoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
AlvwoodZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
AmboyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AmorZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
AndoverZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Angle InletZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
AngoraZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
AngusZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
AnnandaleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
AnokaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
AnthonyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Apple ValleyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
AppletonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ArcoZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Arden HillsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ArgyleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ArlingtonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ArnoldZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AshbyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
AskovZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
AtwaterZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
AudubonZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
AuroraZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
AustinZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AvocaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AvonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BabbittZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BackusZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BadgerZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
BagleyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BakerZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BalatonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Ball ClubZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BarnesvilleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BarnumZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BarrettZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BarryZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BassettZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Battle LakeZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BaudetteZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
BaxterZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
BayportZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BeardsleyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BeaulieuZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Beaver BayZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Beaver CreekZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Beaver FallsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BeckerZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BejouZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BelgradeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Belle PlaineZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BellechesterZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BellinghamZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BeltramiZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BelviewZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BemidjiZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
BenaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BenedictZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BensonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BernadotteZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BerthaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BethelZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Big FallsZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Big LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BigelowZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BigforkZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Bingham LakeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BirchdaleZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
BirchwoodZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Bird IslandZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BiscayZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BiwabikZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
BlackduckZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
BlaineZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BlakeleyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BlomkestZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Blooming PrairieZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BloomingtonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BloomingtonMnZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Blue EarthZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BlufftonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BockZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BorupZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BoveyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BowlusZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BowstringZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Boy RiverZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BoydZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BrahamZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BrainerdZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
BranchZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BrandonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BreckenridgeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Breezy PointZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
BrewsterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BricelynZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BrimsonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BrittZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Brook ParkZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Brooklyn CenterZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Brooklyn ParkZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BrooksZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BrookstonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BrootenZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BrowervilleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Browns ValleyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BrownsdaleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BrownsvilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BrowntonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BrunoZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
BuckmanZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BuffaloZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Buffalo LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BuhlZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BurnsvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BurtrumZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ButlerZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
ButterfieldZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BuyckZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
ByglandZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ByronZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CaledoniaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CallawayZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
CalumetZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CambridgeZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CampbellZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CanbyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Cannon CityZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Cannon FallsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CantonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CanyonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CarlisleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CarlosZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CarltonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CarverZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Cass LakeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Castle RockZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CedarZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Cedar LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Cedar MillsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Center CityZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CentervilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CeylonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ChamplinZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ChandlerZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ChanhassenZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ChaskaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ChatfieldZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CherryZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Chickamaw BeachZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Chisago CityZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ChisholmZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ChokioZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Circle PinesZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Clara CityZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ClaremontZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ClarissaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ClarkfieldZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Clarks GroveZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Clear LakeZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ClearbrookZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ClearwaterZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ClementsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ClevelandZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ClimaxZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ClintonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Clinton FallsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ClitherallZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ClontarfZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CloquetZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CoatesZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CobdenZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CohassetZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CokatoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Cold SpringZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ColeraineZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CollegevilleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CologneZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Columbia HeightsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ColumbusZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ComfreyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ComstockZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CongerZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CookZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Coon RapidsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CorcoranZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CorrellZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CosmosZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Cottage GroveZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CottonZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
CottonwoodZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CourtlandZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Crane LakeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Credit RiverZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CromwellZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CrookstonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CrosbyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CrosslakeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
CrystalZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Crystal BayZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CulverZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CurrieZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CushingZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CussonZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
CuyunaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CyrusZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DakotaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DalboZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
DaltonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
DanubeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DanversZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DarfurZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DarwinZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DasselZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DawsonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DaytonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
De GraffZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DeephavenZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Deer CreekZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Deer RiverZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
DeerfieldZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DeerwoodZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
DelanoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DelavanZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DelhiZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DellwoodZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DenhamZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
DennisonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DentZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Detroit LakesZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
DexterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DilworthZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Dodge CenterZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DonaldsonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DonnellyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DoranZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DoverZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DovrayZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DresbachZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DuluthZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Duluth/Sky Harbor ArptZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DumontZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DundasZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DundeeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DunnellZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DuquetteZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
EaganZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Eagle BendZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Eagle LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Eagles NestZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
East BethelZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
East Grand ForksZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
East Gull LakeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
EastonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
EbroZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
EchoZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Eden PrairieZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Eden ValleyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
EdgertonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
EdinaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
EffieZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
EitzenZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ElbaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Elbow LakeZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ElginZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ElizabethZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Elk RiverZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ElkoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Elko New MarketZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ElktonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
EllendaleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
EllsworthZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ElmdaleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ElmerZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
ElmoreZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ElrosaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ElyZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
ElysianZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
EmbarrassZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
EmilyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
EmmonsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ErhardZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ErskineZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
EskoZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
EssigZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
EuclidZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
EvanZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
EvansvilleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
EvelethZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
ExcelsiorZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
EyotaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FairbanksZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FairfaxZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FairfieldZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FairhavenZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FairmontZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Falcon HeightsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FaribaultZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FarmingZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FarmingtonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FarwellZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Federal DamZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
FeltonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Fergus FallsZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
FertileZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Fifty LakesZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
FinlandZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FinlaysonZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
FisherZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Flag IslandZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
FlensburgZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
FlomZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
FloodwoodZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
FlorenceZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FoleyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ForadaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ForbesZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Forest LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ForestonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Fort RipleyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
FosstonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
FossumZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
FountainZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FoxhomeZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
FranklinZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FrazeeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
FredenbergZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FreebornZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FreeportZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FremontZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
French LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FridleyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FrontenacZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FrostZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FuldaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FunkleyZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
Garden CityZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GarfieldZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GarnesZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
GarrisonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
GarvinZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GaryZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
GatzkeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
GaylordZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Gem LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GenevaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GenolaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
GentillyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
GeorgetownZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GhentZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GibbonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GilbertZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
GilmanZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
GlencoeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GlenvilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GlenwoodZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GlyndonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Golden ValleyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GonvickZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Good ThunderZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GoodhueZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GoodlandZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
GoodridgeZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
GoodviewZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GracevilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GranadaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Grand LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Grand MaraisZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Grand Marais/Cook County ArptZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Grand MeadowZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Grand PortageZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Grand RapidsZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
GrandyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Granite FallsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GrantZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GrasstonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Green IsleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GreenbushZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
GreenfieldZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GreenwaldZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GreenwoodZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Grey EagleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Grove CityZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Grove LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GryglaZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
GullyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HackensackZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HadleyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HallockZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HalmaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HalstadZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Ham LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HamburgZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HamelZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HammondZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HamptonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HancockZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Hanley FallsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HanoverZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HanskaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HardingZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HardwickZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HarmonyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HarrisZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HartZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HartlandZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HastingsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HatfieldZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HavanaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HawickZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HawleyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HayfieldZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HaywardZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Hazel RunZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HectorZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HeidelbergZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HendersonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HendricksZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HendrumZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HenningZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HenrietteZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HermanZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HermantownZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Heron LakeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HewittZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HibbingZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
High ForestZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Hill CityZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HillmanZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HillsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HilltopZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HinckleyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HinesZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
HitterdalZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HoffmanZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HokahZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HoldingfordZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HollandZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HollandaleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HollowayZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Holmes CityZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HoltZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HolyokeZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HomerZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HopeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HopkinsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HoustonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HovlandZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Howard LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Hoyt LakesZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HugoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HumboldtZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
HuntersvilleZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
HuntleyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HutchinsonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
IhlenZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
IndependenceZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
IngerZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
International FallsZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Inver Grove HeightsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
IonaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
IronZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Iron JunctionZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
IrontonZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
IsabellaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
IsantiZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Island ViewZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
IsleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
IvanhoeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
JacksonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
JacobsonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
JanesvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
JasperZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
JeffersZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
JenkinsZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
JessenlandZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
JohnsonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
JordanZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
KabetogamaZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
KanaranziZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
KandiyohiZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
KarlstadZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
KasotaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
KassonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
KeewatinZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
KelliherZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
KelloggZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
KelseyZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
KennedyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
KennethZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
KensingtonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
KentZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
KenyonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
KerkhovenZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
KerrickZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Kettle RiverZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
KiesterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
KilkennyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
KimballZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
KinbraeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
KingstonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
KinneyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Knife RiverZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
La CrescentZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
La PrairieZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
La SalleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LafayetteZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Lake BentonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Lake BronsonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Lake CityZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Lake CrystalZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Lake ElmoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Lake GeorgeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Lake HenryZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Lake HubertZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Lake ItascaZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Lake LillianZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Lake ParkZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Lake Saint Croix BeachZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Lake ShoreZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Lake WilsonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LakefieldZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LakelandZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Lakeland ShoresZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LakevilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LakewoodZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LambertonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LancasterZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LandfallZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LanesboroZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LansingZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LaporteZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
LastrupZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
LauderdaleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Le CenterZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Le RoyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Le SueurZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LemondZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LengbyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
LeonardZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
LeonidasZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
LeotaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Lester PrairieZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LewistonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LewisvilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LexingtonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LilydaleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Linden GroveZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
LindstromZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Lino LakesZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LismoreZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LitchfieldZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Little CanadaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Little FallsZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Little RockZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Little SaukZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
LittleforkZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
LockhartZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
LomanZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Long BeachZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Long LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Long PrairieZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
LongvilleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
LonsdaleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LorettoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LouisburgZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LowryZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LowvilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LucanZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LutsenZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Lutsen MountainZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LuverneZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LuxemburgZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LyleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LyndZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MabelZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MadeliaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MadisonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Madison LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MagnoliaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MahnomenZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
MahtomediZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MahtowaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MaineZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
MakinenZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
MalungZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
ManchesterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Manhattan BeachZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
MankatoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MantorvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Maple GroveZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Maple LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Maple PlainZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MapletonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MapleviewZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MaplewoodZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MarbleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
MarcellZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
MargieZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
MariettaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Marine On Saint CroixZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
MarionZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MarshallZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Martin LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MaxZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
MayerZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MaynardZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MazeppaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
McCauleyvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
McGrathZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
McGregorZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
McIntoshZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
McKinleyZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
MeadowlandsZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
MedfordZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Medicine LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MedinaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Meire GroveZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MelroseZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MelrudeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
MenahgaZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
MendotaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Mendota HeightsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MentorZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
MeridenZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MerrifieldZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
MertonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Middle RiverZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
MiesvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MilacaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
MilanZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MillervilleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
MillvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MilroyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MiltonaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
MinneapolisZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MinneiskaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MinneotaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Minnesota CityZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Minnesota LakeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MinnetonkaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Minnetonka BeachZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Minnetonka MillsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MinnetristaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Mission CreekZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
MizpahZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
MontevideoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MontgomeryZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MonticelloZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MontroseZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MoorheadZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Moose LakeZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
MoraZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
MorganZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MorrisZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MorristownZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MortonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MotleyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
MoundZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Mounds ViewZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Mountain IronZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Mountain LakeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MurdockZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MyrtleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
NashuaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
NashwaukZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
NassauZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
NavarreZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
NaytahwaushZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
NelsonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
NerstrandZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Nett LakeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
NevisZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
New AuburnZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
New BrightonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
New GermanyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
New HartfordZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
New HopeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
New LondonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
New MarketZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
New MunichZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
New PragueZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
New RichlandZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
New SwedenZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
New TrierZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
New UlmZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
New York MillsZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
NewfoldenZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
NewportZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
NickersonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
NicolletZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
NielsvilleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
NimrodZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
NisswaZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
NorcrossZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
NormaniaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
North BranchZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
North MankatoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
North OaksZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
North RedwoodZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
North Saint PaulZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
NorthfieldZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
NorthomeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
NorthropZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Norwegian GroveZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
NorwoodZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Norwood Young AmericaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
NowthenZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
NoyesZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Oak GroveZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Oak IslandZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Oak ParkZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Oak Park HeightsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OakdaleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OaklandZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OakportZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OdessaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OdinZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OgemaZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
OgilvieZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
OkabenaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OkleeZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
OliviaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OnamiaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
OrmsbyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OronoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OronocoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OrrZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
OrrockZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
OrtonvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OsageZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
OsakisZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OshawaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OsloZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OsseoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OstranderZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OtiscoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OtsegoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OttertailZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
OutingZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
OwatonnaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PalisadeZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Park RapidsZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Parkers PrairieZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ParkvilleZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
PaynesvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PeaseZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Pelican RapidsZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
PembertonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PengillyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
PenningtonZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
PennockZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Pequot LakesZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
PerhamZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
PerleyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PetersonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
PierzZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
PillagerZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Pine BendZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Pine CityZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Pine IslandZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Pine PointZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Pine RiverZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Pine SpringsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PipestoneZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
PlainviewZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PlatoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Pleasant GroveZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Pleasant LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PlummerZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
PlymouthZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PonemahZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
PonsfordZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
PorterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
PrestonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PrincetonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
PrinsburgZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Prior LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ProctorZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
PuposkyZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
QuambaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
RacineZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RakoZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
RamseyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RandallZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
RandolphZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RanierZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
RansomZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RayZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
RaymondZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ReadingZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Reads LandingZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Red LakeZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Red Lake FallsZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Red WingZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RedbyZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
RedlakeZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Redwood FallsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RegalZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RemerZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
RenvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RevereZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RiceZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Rice LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RichfieldZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RichmondZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RichvilleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
RichwoodZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
RivertonZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
RobbinsdaleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RochertZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
RochesterZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Rock CreekZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Rock DellZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RockfordZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RockvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RogersZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RollingstoneZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RonnebyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
RooseveltZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
RoscoeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Rose CreekZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RoseauZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
RosemountZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RosevilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RossZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
RothsayZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Round LakeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Round PrairieZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Roy LakeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
RoyaltonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Rush CityZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
RushfordZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Rushford VillaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RushmoreZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RussellZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RuthtonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RutledgeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
SabinZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Sacred HeartZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SaginawZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint AnthonyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint AugustaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint BonifaciusZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint CharlesZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint ClairZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint CloudZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Saint FrancisZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint HilaireZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Saint JamesZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint JosephZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Saint LeoZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint Louis ParkZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint MartinZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint Marys PointZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint MichaelZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint PaulZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint Paul ParkZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint PeterZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint RosaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint StephenZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Saint VincentZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
SalolZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
SanbornZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
SandstoneZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
SantiagoZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
SaratogaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SargeantZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
SartellZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Sauk CentreZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Sauk RapidsZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
SavageZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SawyerZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ScandiaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ScanlonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SchroederZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
SeaforthZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
SearlesZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SebekaZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
SedanZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ShaferZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ShakopeeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ShellyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SherburnZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ShevlinZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ShieldsvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ShoreviewZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ShorewoodZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Side LakeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Silver BayZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Silver CreekZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Silver LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SkylineZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SlaytonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Sleepy EyeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
SobieskiZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
SolwayZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
SoudanZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
South BranchZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
South HavenZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
South International FallsZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
South Saint PaulZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SpicerZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Spring GroveZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Spring HillZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Spring LakeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Spring Lake ParkZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Spring ParkZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Spring ValleyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SpringfieldZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Squaw LakeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
StacyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
StanchfieldZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
StaplesZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
StarbuckZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SteenZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
StephenZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
StewartZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
StewartvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
StillwaterZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
StockholmZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
StocktonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
StordenZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
StrandquistZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
StrathconaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
SturgeonZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Sturgeon LakeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
SummitZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SunburgZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SundalZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Sunfish LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Swan RiverZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
SwanvilleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
SwataraZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
SwiftZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
TaborZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
TaconiteZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
TalmoonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
TamarackZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
TaopiZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
TauntonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Taylors FallsZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
TenneyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
TenstrikeZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
TerrebonneZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
The LakesZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Thief River FallsZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ThomsonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ThorhultZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
TintahZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
TofteZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ToivolaZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Tonka BayZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
TowerZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
TracyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
TrailZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
TraverseZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
TrimontZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
TrommaldZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
TroskyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
TrumanZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Turtle RiverZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
TwigZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Twin LakesZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Twin ValleyZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Two HarborsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
TylerZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
UlenZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
UnderwoodZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
UpsalaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
UrbankZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
UticaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Vadnais HeightsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
VergasZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
VermillionZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
VerndaleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Vernon CenterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
VestaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
VictoriaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
VikingZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
VillardZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
VinelandZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ViningZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ViolaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
VirginiaZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Voyageurs Natl ParkZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
WabashaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WabassoZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WaconiaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WadenaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
WahkonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Waite ParkZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
WakishZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
WalcottZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WaldorfZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WalkerZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Walnut GroveZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WaltersZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WalthamZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WanamingoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WandaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WannaskaZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
WarbaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
WarrenZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
WarroadZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
WarsawZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WasecaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WaskishZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
WatertownZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WatervilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WatkinsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WatsonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WaubunZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
WaukonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
WaverlyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WayzataZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WebsterZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WelchZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WelcomeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WellsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WendellZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
West AlbanyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
West ConcordZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
West Coon RapidsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
West Saint PaulZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
West UnionZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WestbrookZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WesternZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
WestportZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WhalanZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WheatlandZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WheatonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WhipholtZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
White Bear LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
White EarthZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
WilderZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WillernieZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WilliamsZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
WillmarZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Willow RiverZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
WilmontZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WilsonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WiltonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
WindomZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WingerZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
WinnebagoZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WinonaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WinstedZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WinthropZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WintonZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
WirtZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
Wolf LakeZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
WolvertonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Wood LakeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WoodburyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WoodlandZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WoodstockZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WorthingtonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WrenshallZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WrightZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
WykoffZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WylieZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
WyomingZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Young AmericaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ZempleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ZimmermanZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Zumbro FallsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ZumbrotaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
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