South Dakota 1990 USDA Hardiness Zone Map

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Zone 3b
-35°F to -30°F
Zone 4a
-30°F to -25°F
Zone 4b
-25°F to -20°F
Zone 5a
-20°F to -15°F

Based on the 1990 USDA Hardiness Zone Map, this interactive version covers the state of South Dakota which ranges from USDA Zone 3b to USDA Zone 5a.

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List of 1990 Hardiness Zones for Cities in South Dakota

LocationHardiness Zone
AberdeenZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
AcademyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AgarZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AkaskaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
AlbeeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
AlcesterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AlexandriaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AllenZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AlpenaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AltamontZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
AmherstZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
AndoverZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
AntelopeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ArdmoreZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ArlingtonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ArmourZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ArtasZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ArtesianZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Ashland HeightsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AshtonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
AstoriaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AtholZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
AuroraZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Aurora CenterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AvonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BadgerZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Badlands Natl ParkZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BalticZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BancroftZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BarnardZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BateslandZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BathZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Bath CornerZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Belle FourcheZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BelvidereZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BeresfordZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BethlehemZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Big SpringsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Big Stone CityZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Bijou HillsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BisonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Black HawkZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BlackhawkZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BluntZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BonesteelZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BowdleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Box ElderZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BradleyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BrandonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BrandtZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BrentfordZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BridgewaterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BristolZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BrittonZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
BroadlandZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BrookingsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BruceZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BryantZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BuffaloZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Buffalo GapZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Buffalo RidgeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BullheadZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BurbankZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BurkeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
BushnellZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ButlerZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Camp CrookZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CanistotaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CanningZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CanovaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CantonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CaputaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CarpenterZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CarterZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CarthageZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CastlewoodZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CavourZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CentervilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Central CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ChamberlainZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ChanceZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ChancellorZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ChelseaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Cherry CreekZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ChesterZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Claire CityZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ClaremontZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ClarkZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Clear LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ColmanZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ColomeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Colonial Pine HillsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ColtonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ColumbiaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ConataZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CondeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Corn CreekZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
CoronaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CorsicaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CottonwoodZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CrandonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CreightonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CresbardZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CrockerZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CrooksZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CusterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Dakota DunesZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DallasZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DanteZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DavisZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
De SmetZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DeadwoodZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Dell RapidsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DelmontZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DimockZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DolandZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DoltonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DraperZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DupreeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Eagle ButteZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
EdenZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
EdgemontZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
EganZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Elk PointZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ElktonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Ellsworth AFBZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Elm SpringsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
EmeryZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
EmmetZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
EnningZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ErwinZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
EstellineZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
EthanZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
EurekaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FairburnZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FairfaxZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FairviewZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FaithZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FarmerZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FaulktonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FedoraZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FerneyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FiresteelZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FlandreauZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FlorenceZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ForestburgZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Fort MeadeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Fort PierreZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Fort ThompsonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FrankfortZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FrederickZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
FreemanZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FruitdaleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
FultonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Gann ValleyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GannvalleyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Garden CityZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GarretsonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GaryZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GayvilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GeddesZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GettysburgZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Glad ValleyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GlencrossZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GlenhamZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GoodwillZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GoodwinZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Green GrassZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Green ValleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GregoryZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GrenvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
GrotonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HamillZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HarrisburgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HarrisonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HarroldZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HartfordZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HayesZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HaytiZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HazelZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HeclaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HenryZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HermosaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HerreidZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HerrickZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HetlandZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HighmoreZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Hill CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
HillsviewZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HitchcockZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HolabirdZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HosmerZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Hot SpringsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HoughtonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HovenZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HowardZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
HowesZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HudsonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HumboldtZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HurleyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HuronZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
IdealZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ImlayZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
InteriorZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
IonaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
IpswichZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
IreneZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
IriquoisZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
IroquoisZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
IsabelZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
JamesvilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
JavaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
JeffersonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Johnson SidingZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KadokaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
KaylorZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
KeldronZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
KennebecZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
KeyapahaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KeystoneZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
KidderZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
KimballZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
KranzburgZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
KyleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
La PlantZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LaboltZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Lake AndesZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Lake CityZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Lake NordenZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Lake PrestonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LaneZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LangfordZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LantryZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LeadZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LebanonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LemmonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LennoxZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LeolaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LestervilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LetcherZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LilyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Little EagleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LodgepoleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Long LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Long ValleyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LongvalleyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LoomisZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Lower BruleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LowryZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LudlowZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LyonsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MadisonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MahtoZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MandersonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Manderson-White Horse CreekZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MansfieldZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MarionZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MartinZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MartyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MarvinZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MaurineZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MayfieldZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
McIntoshZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
McLaughlinZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MeadowZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Meadow View AdditionZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MecklingZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MelletteZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MennoZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MidlandZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MilbankZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MilesvilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MillboroZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MillerZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MilltownZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MinaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MissionZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Mission HillZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Mission RidgeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MitchellZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MobridgeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MonroeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MontroseZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MorningsideZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MorristownZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Mound CityZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Mount Rushmore Natl MemorialZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Mount VernonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Mud ButteZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MurdoZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
NaplesZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
NemoZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
New EffingtonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
New HollandZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
New UnderwoodZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
NewellZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
NislandZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
NorbeckZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
NorrisZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
North Eagle ButteZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
North Sioux CityZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
North SpearfishZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
NorthvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
NundaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OacomaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OelrichsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OglalaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OkatonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OkobojoZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
OkreekZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OlaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OldhamZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OlivetZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OnakaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OnidaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OpalZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OralZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OrientZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
OrtleyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
OwankaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ParadeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ParkerZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ParkstonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ParmeleeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
PeeverZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PhilipZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
PickstownZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PiedmontZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PierpontZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PierreZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Pine Lakes AdditionZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Pine RidgeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
PlankintonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
PlatteZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
PollockZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PorcupineZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Prairie CityZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PreshoZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
PringleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ProvoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PukwanaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
QuinnZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RalphZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RamonaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Rapid CityZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Rapid City/Ellsworth AFBZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Rapid ValleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RaviniaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RaymondZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Red ElmZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Red OwlZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RedfieldZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RedigZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Ree HeightsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RelianceZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RennerZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Renner CornerZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RevaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RevilloZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RichlandZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RidgeviewZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RidgviewZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RochfordZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
RockhamZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RockyfordZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RoscoeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RosebudZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RosholtZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RoslynZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RoswellZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RowenaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Running WaterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RutlandZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint CharlesZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint FrancisZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint LawrenceZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint OngeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SalemZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ScenicZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ScotlandZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
SelbyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SenecaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ShadehillZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ShermanZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ShindlerZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
SinaiZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Sioux FallsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
SissetonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SmithwickZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Soldier CreekZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
SorumZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
South ShoreZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SpearfishZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SpencerZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
SpinkZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Spring CreekZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Spring GroveZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Spring ValleyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
SpringfieldZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
StephanZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
StickneyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
StockholmZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
StorlaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
StrandburgZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
StratfordZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
StroolZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
SturgisZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SummersetZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SummitZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
TaborZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TeaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
TilfordZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Timber LakeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
TolstoyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
TorontoZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Trail CityZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
TrentZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
TrippZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
TulareZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
TurtonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
TuthillZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Twin BrooksZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Two StrikeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
TyndallZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Union CenterZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
UticaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ValeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Valley SpringsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Van MetreZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
VeblenZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
VerdonZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
VermillionZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
VetalZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ViborgZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
VictorZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ViennaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
VilasZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
VirgilZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
VivianZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
VolgaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
VolinZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WagnerZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WakondaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WakpalaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WalkerZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WallZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WallaceZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WanbleeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WardZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WarnerZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WastaZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WataugaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WatertownZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WaubayZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WaverlyZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WebsterZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WentworthZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WessingtonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Wessington SpringsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WestportZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WetonkaZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WewelaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WhiteZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
White ButteZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
White HorseZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
White LakeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
White OwlZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
White RiverZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
White RockZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WhitehorseZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WhitewoodZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Willow LakeZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WilmotZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Wind Cave Natl ParkZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WinfredZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WinnerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WittenZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WolseyZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WoodZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WoonsocketZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
WorthingZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Wounded KneeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
YaleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
YanktonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
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