Québec Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Zone 0a
-70°F to -65°F
Zone 0b
-65°F to -60°F
Zone 1a
-60°F to -55°F
Zone 1b
-55°F to -50°F
Zone 2a
-50°F to -45°F
Zone 2b
-45°F to -40°F
Zone 3a
-40°F to -35°F
Zone 3b
-35°F to -30°F
Zone 4a
-30°F to -25°F
Zone 4b
-25°F to -20°F
Zone 5a
-20°F to -15°F
Zone 5b
-15°F to -10°F
Zone 6a
-10°F to -5°F

Based on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map Designations, this interactive version covers the Province of Québec which ranges from USDA Zone 0a to USDA Zone 6b. What are Hardiness Zones, Gardening Zones, Growing Zones and Plant Zones? Hardiness Zones, Gardening Zones, Growing Zones and Plant Zones refer to defined geographic regions that can support specific plants, flowers and trees. T he zones define a minimum range of temperatures that a plant or tree can survive safely in that zone.

List of Plant Hardiness Zones for Cities and Towns in Québec

LocationHardiness Zone
Ville-MarieZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
AngliersZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ÉvainZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
Rouyn-NorandaZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
McWattersZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
MalarticZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
AmosZone 2a: -50°F to -45°F
Val d'OrZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
RadissonZone 1a: -60°F to -55°F
SenneterreZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
Lebel-sur-QuévillonZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
Mansfield-et-PontefractZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GracefieldZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ManiwakiZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
WakefieldZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GatineauZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Mont-LaurierZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
ThursoZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ChénévilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Rivière-RougeZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
ChapaisZone 2a: -50°F to -45°F
GrenvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
GrenvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Mont-TremblantZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
CushingZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ChibougamauZone 2a: -50°F to -45°F
LachuteZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Sainte-Agathe-des-MontsZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint-CletZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HuntingdonZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Saint-SauveurZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Sainte-AdèleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint-LazareZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Salaberry-de-ValleyfieldZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
PrévostZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Vaudreuil-sur-le-LacZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Saint-JérômeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MirabelZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
OrmstownZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
PincourtZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Terrasse-VaudreuilZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-LacZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Sainte-Anne-de-BellevueZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Baie-d'UrféZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Deux-MontagnesZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Saint-EustacheZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BeauharnoisZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BlainvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BeaconsfieldZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
KirklandZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
HowickZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BoisbriandZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Sainte-ThérèseZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Dollard-des-OrmeauxZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
Pointe-ClaireZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
RosemèreZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LorraineZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ChâteauguayZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
Bois-des-FilionZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
DorvalZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
MercierZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
TerrebonneZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LavalZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
RawdonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Côte-Saint-LucZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
TerrebonneZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HampsteadZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
Montréal-OuestZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
MascoucheZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
HemmingfordZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Sainte-CatherineZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
Saint-ConstantZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
MontréalZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
DelsonZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
CandiacZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
Montréal-EstZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
La PrairieZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
BrossardZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
RepentignyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BouchervilleZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
JolietteZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
VarennesZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LongueuilZone 6a: -10°F to -5°F
L'AssomptionZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
NapiervilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
VerchèresZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
CarignanZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Sainte-JulieZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Saint-Bruno-de-MontarvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ChamblyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Saint-Basile-le-GrandZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Saint-Jean-sur-RichelieuZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ContrecœurZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
McMastervilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
BelœilZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Otterburn ParkZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Mont-Saint-HilaireZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MarievilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Sorel-TracyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
MaskinongéZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
FarnhamZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
LouisevilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint-HyacintheZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Ange-GardienZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
La TuqueZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
East FarnhamZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Shawinigan-SudZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CowansvilleZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
ShawiniganZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GranbyZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
Grand-MèreZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint-GeorgesZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AbercornZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BromontZone 5b: -15°F to -10°F
SuttonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
NicoletZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Acton ValeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint-TiteZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BromeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Trois-RivièresZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Sainte-MoniqueZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Roxton FallsZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Cap-de-la-MadeleineZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DrummondvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint-FélicienZone 3a: -40°F to -35°F
BécancourZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Lac-aux-SablesZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
LawrencevilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
ValcourtZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Dolbeau-MistassiniZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
Aston-JonctionZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
RobervalZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Sainte-Anne-de-la-PéradeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MelbourneZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
MagogZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Sainte-Jeanne-d'ArcZone 2b: -45°F to -40°F
Saint-Marc-des-CarrièresZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Sainte Catherine de HatleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F...
Ayer's CliffZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
DanvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WindsorZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
WarwickZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
VictoriavilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
HatleyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
AsbestosZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
SherbrookeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PortneufZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
PrincevilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Métabetchouan–Lac-à-la-CroixZone 3b: -35°F
Saint-RaymondZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint-Basile-SudZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CoaticookZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
PlessisvilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DixvilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Sainte-CroixZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
DonnaconaZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Pont-RougeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
East AngusZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AlmaZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Laurier-StationZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-CartierZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
MarbletonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
NeuvilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BishoptonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ShannonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint-ApollinaireZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Weedon CentreZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint-Augustin-de-DesmauresZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint-AgapitZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Val-BélairZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint-GérardZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint-NicolasZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Lac-Saint-CharlesZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
LorettevilleZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
L'Ancienne-LoretteZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Cap-RougeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
NeufchâtelZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint-ÉmileZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Sainte-FoyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint-Étienne-de-LauzonZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Thetford MinesZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Lac-BeauportZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
CharlesbourgZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
JonquièreZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
SilleryZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
La PatrieZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint-RomualdZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
QuébecZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint-Lambert-de-LauzonZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint-Jean-ChrysostomeZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Sainte-Brigitte-de-LavalZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BeauportZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LévisZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BoischatelZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
PintendreZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
SaguenayZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
Saint-HenriZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Sainte-MarieZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Château-RicherZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Tring-JonctionZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint-AnselmeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
La GuadeloupeZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Sainte-Anne-de-BeaupréZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Vallée-JonctionZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint-MichelZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
BeaupréZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Lac-MéganticZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint-Joseph-de-BeauceZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Lac-PoulinZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
BeaucevilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint-RaphaëlZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint-LudgerZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint-GeorgesZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint-Damien-de-BucklandZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint-MartinZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint-Gédéon-de-BeauceZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MontmagnyZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Saint-Côme-LinièreZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Lac-EtcheminZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Baie-Saint-PaulZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint-ProsperZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Cap-Saint-IgnaceZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
L'Islet-sur-MerZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Sainte-JustineZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint-Jean-Port-JoliZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
La MalbaieZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
La PocatièreZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
Sainte-PerpétueZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Saint-PascalZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint-PamphileZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Les BergeronnesZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Rivière-du-LoupZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Trois-PistolesZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ForestvilleZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Témiscouata-sur-le-LacZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
DégelisZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
RimouskiZone 5a: -20°F to -15°F
LucevilleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Mont-JoliZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Baie-ComeauZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PriceZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Métis-sur-MerZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Saint-NoëlZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MataneZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
AmquiZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
CausapscalZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
FermontZone 1a: -60°F to -55°F
FermontZone 1a: -60°F to -55°F
Port-CartierZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Cap-ChatZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Pointe-à-la-CroixZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
Sainte-Anne-des-MontsZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Sept-ÎlesZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
MarsouiZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
New RichmondZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
Mont-Saint-PierreZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
MurdochvilleZone 3b: -35°F to -30°F
New CarlisleZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
ChandlerZone 4b: -25°F to -20°F
GaspéZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
PercéZone 4a: -30°F to -25°F
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